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The journal is modeled after the law review, a journal common to most schools of law. Like its law school counterpart, The UIW Pharmacy Review will be a product of student editors. The selection process for editors is rigorous. Applicants must possess many skills in addition to a high academic ranking. Importantly, becoming an editor conveys a prestige far higher than any single accomplishment earned at the Feik School of Pharmacy. Submissions for the UIW Pharmacy Review are welcome from students, professors, and practitioners within the pharmacy profession.

All journal submissions are completed online.

Editorial Board

Anna Lovoi – Editor-in-Chief,  PharmD Candidate 2014,

Erin Moore – Production Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014,

Jennifer Ma – Executive Editor, PharmD Candidate 2015,

Theiry Chea – Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014,

Briana Elliott - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014,

Katherine Fischer - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2016,

Kate Goodspeed – Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014,

Ashley Kilgore - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014,

Shelby Lee McBee - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2016,

Kim-Ly Nguyen - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014,

Emilie Quach – Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014,

Marcela Saenz - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2014,

Faculty Directors

William D. Linn, PharmD - Journal Creator and Faculty Advisor, Assistant Dean, Pharmacy Practice Department Chair

Eli G. Phillips, Jr., PharmD, JD - Journal Creator and Faculty Advisor, Assistant Professor

Tina Lopez, PharmD - Webmaster and Faculty Advisor, Director of the Drug Information Center, Associate Professor

Vol 2, No 1 (2013)

This issue focuses on humanity topics related to pharmacogenomics.

Table of Contents


From the Editor HTML PDF
Anna Lovoi


Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: A Primary Care Perspective HTML PDF
Emily Wang
Life-Threatening Codeine Toxicity– Pharmacogenomics in Action HTML PDF
Renee Bellanger
The Use of Pharmacogenomics in Oncology HTML PDF
Helen E Smith


The Art of Compounding - Then and Now HTML PDF
Chris Alvarado
Rationing Lung Transplants - Time to Take a Deep Breath HTML PDF
William D. Linn, Eli G. Phillips, Paul M. Lewis

Student Articles

A 62 Year Old Man with Red Man Syndrome HTML PDF
Roderick Sanchez, Kathleen A. Lusk
The Pursuit of Pharmacy HTML PDF
Joshua E James
People, Not Numbers HTML PDF
Zachary Ritchey

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