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The journal is modeled after the law review, a journal common to most schools of law. Like its law school counterpart, The UIW Pharmacy Review will be a product of student editors. The selection process for editors is rigorous. Applicants must possess many skills in addition to a high academic ranking. Importantly, becoming an editor conveys a prestige far higher than any single accomplishment earned at the Feik School of Pharmacy. Submissions for the UIW Pharmacy Review are welcome from students, professors, and practitioners within the pharmacy profession.

All journal submissions are completed online.

Editorial Board

Katherine Fischer - Editor-in-Chief,  PharmD Candidate 2016,

Shelby McBee - Production Editor, PharmD Candidate 2016,

Jennifer Ma - Executive Editor, PharmD Candidate 2015,

Lauren Flieller - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2016,

Ashley George - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2017,

Samantha Gonzales - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2017,

Elizabeth Haake - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2017,

Ryan Lampien - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2017,

Katherine Perry - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2017,

Clarissa Wilkins - Editor, PharmD Candidate 2017,


Faculty Directors

William D. Linn, PharmD - Journal Creator and Faculty Advisor, Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice

Tina Lopez, PharmD - Webmaster and Faculty Advisor, Director of the Drug Information Center, Associate Professor

Mat Garber, PharmD, MA, PhD - Faculty Advisor

Vol 3, No 1 (2014)

The main focus of this issue is drug diversion.

Table of Contents


From The Editor HTML PDF
Katherine Fischer


Strategies To Reduce Non-Medical Use Of Opioids: Few Successes But Many Opportunities HTML PDF
Barbara J Turner
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: A Tool For Pharmacists HTML PDF
Linda Paul, Mina M John, Cynthia N Nguyen
The Late Night Bandit HTML PDF
Taylor Fabrygel


NABP And Member Boards Of Pharmacy Engage In Numerous Efforts To Help Fight The Epidemic Of Prescription Drug Abuse HTML PDF
National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Student Articles

The Impaired Pharmacist, A Student’s Perspective HTML PDF
Britnny Wolda
Drug Diversion; Not Just Controlled Substances HTML PDF
Ryan Lampien

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